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Helpful tips and information on property restoration.

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We love helping others and sharing our restoration knowledge. The more informed the community, the better prepared it is to handle disasters. With 70+ years of combined experience in the construction and restoration industry, we have lots of tips and helpful information that every consumer should know when dealing with any type of restoration work. 

Below, you’ll find helpful instructions to help you deal with the aftermath of disaster. Since we’re experts on fire damage, water damage, and everything in between, we’re qualified to offer relevant and trustworthy advice. If you have restoration needs, stay calm and take a look at the advice below. Our experts are here to help.

Did you experience fire or water damage and need estimation for an insurance claim?

Do you need hands-on help right away? As a leader in the industry and an experienced restoration contractor, Dryman Restoration has the knowledge and skills to restore your property after a disaster. We handle fire damage, water damage, storm damage, and much more. Our full-service team can take care of all of your restoration needs from start to finish. We can also review the repairs that your property needs so that you can file the most accurate insurance claim possible. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, our team has you covered. Some projects are too big for a how-to internet guide. If you’re dealing with one of those projects, give us a call now. Otherwise, feel free to have a look around.


The Role of Professionals in Water Damage Restoration

The Role of Professionals in Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be a devastating experience for homeowners. Whether it's caused by a burst pipe, a leaking roof, or a natural disaster, the effects can be long-lasting and costly if not addressed promptly and effectively. While the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach may...

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

While the holiday season is a time of joy, it can also pose many dangers. Every year about 8,000 injuries occur from accidents related to holiday decorating activities. Christmas trees alone are involved in hundreds of fires which result in almost 40 deaths each year....

What Not to Do During a Fire Restoration Project

What Not to Do During a Fire Restoration Project

When a fire happens in your home, it can be devastating. You will want to start the cleanup process and get back to normal as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are so many ways you could end up doing more harm than good if you aren’t careful. These are some...

A Beginner’s Guide to Insurance Loss Consultation

A Beginner’s Guide to Insurance Loss Consultation

If your home has fallen victim to serious damage, you might be in the market to learn more about using insurance to repair the problems. Unfortunately, the process of undergoing an insurance loss consultation is just the beginning. In today’s blog post, we will...

5 Reasons to Schedule a Roofing Inspection Now

5 Reasons to Schedule a Roofing Inspection Now

The roof of your home is the most important defense in bearing the brunt of the forces of Mother Nature. It takes all sorts of punishment, from high winds and freezing temperatures to the sun beating down on it. Many people don’t see the need for a roof inspection...

Technology Restoration & Success

Utilizing Technology to Ensure Project Success

Technology is a BIG DEAL around here. Dryman Construction Group utilizes state of the art technology in order to better serve their customers. This technology allows for streamlined communication, accurate pricing, and the timely completion of every project.

Emergency Restoration Checklist

What To Do After an Insurance Loss

Keeping this emergency restoration checklist in mind will make the entire restoration process much smoother for you and your chosen contractor. These are the steps we recommend for your Emergency Restoration Checklist, taking you from mitigation to filing a claim.

Who Does Your Contractor Work For

Preferred Vendor vs. Independent Contractor

Preferred vendors have a loyalty to the insurance company. Their goal is to reduce costs for the insurance company. You absolutely have the right to choose your own restoration contractor and they can still provide everything your insurance company needs.

Which Contractor is Right for You

How to Choose the Right Restoration Contractor

Most of the time, your insurance company will suggest a restoration contractor that follows their protocols, they might even be on a “Preferred Vendor List.” You should know that you do have the option of seeking out and choosing your own restoration specialist. This checklist will help you with that process.

Water Damage Do's and Don't's

Water Damage Do’s and Dont’s

Water intrusion and flooding often causes the need for water damage restoration services. The following tips on how to minimize the need for water damage restoration are from the National Institute of Disaster Restoration. Please remember, not all of these tips will apply to your specific situation, but are a good starting point.

Insurance Claims FAQ

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claims

What if I can’t live in my home? When will someone come to inspect my damages? This general list of common questions people ask after a loss when they are dealing with an insurance company or adjuster might be helpful for you.

Helpful Links to Emergency and Disaster Resources 

We have compiled a generous list of government and state resources that can be helpful to you and your family after experiencing a loss.  This list includes American Red Cross, Federal Housing Administration, Salvation Army, etc.